I am an optometrist retiring in Waco, Texas and have been in practice here for over 40 years. With Jeanie also being retired, we travel and take pictures as much as we can. We love going to the western part of the US. and have started going east some now in the past couple of years. I have been in optometry for 44 years now and that has prepared me to have a better understanding of optics and photography. It is that optical knowledge that has lead me to the Canon line of photographic products. The superior optics of their lenses and cameras are an excellent choice in equipment. I am currently using Canon's 1D X Mark II and 1D X bodies. I am also using the Tamron 150--600 zoom lens for most of my wildlife photography, and for most sports I use the Canon 70-200 zoom lens on my 1D X Mark II body. For landscape work I also use the Canon 1D-X with Canon's L series 24-105 EF lens and also the L series 16-35 wide-angle lens.
I have been involved with photography for over 45 years, beginning when I was in the University of Houston Optometry School. My start was in 3-D photography and the displaying of those photographs at U of H. I did extensive darkroom work in the 70s and 80s, putting on many demonstrations for Padgetts Camera Store in their in-store darkroom facilities during that time.
We have had a wonderful opportunity to photograph two pair of nesting American bald eagles on our own Lake Waco right here just 15 minutes from my home. That of course doesn't count the long walk through the park wilderness to get to the nest. It is built in a dead cottonwood tree standing in about 3 ft of water. The perfect place for an eagle's nest. We have now experienced 8 nest in the past 8 years and this past year was another successful nesting with one chick fledging.
My landscape pictures reflect our trips and hikes out into God's wonderful creation and I want to share this with everyone. We have tried to capture the most beautiful places and bring them home to appreciate each and every day.Thank The Lord for His wonderful Creation. If you have any questions please email me at svmidoc@hot.rr.com Thank you. Spencer Moore.
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